Macroinvertebrates and the Food They Eat

  1. Tell students that small creatures like macroinvertebrates have their body parts adapted to the food they eat similarly as large animals. Brainstorm with them and try to find out as many adaptations as they will be able to think of. For example, a giraffe has a long neck to be able to reach leaves on trees, an anteater has long conical head with long, thin, sticky tongue in its mouth .
  2. Discuss with students about what kind of adaptations of their body do small water organisms have to the food they eat.
  • What do they think their mouths look like if they scrape the food from stones?
  • What about if they filter water through their mouth?
  • What about if they have to catch prey?
  1. Let them draw various macroinvertebrates and write about their adaptation to the living conditions.