Each guidebook is designed around one specific research question and tries to answer it in a systematic way through experiments and other activities divided into chapters and lessons.

We recommend that you go with pupils systematically through material, chapter by chapter, lesson by lesson, and complete all the activities, because they are designed in such a way that they build on previous knowledge. However, you can use filters below to select the activities that are most suitable for your specific needs.


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So far we developed our first guidebook entitled:

How Can a River Clean Itself?

Understanding the importance of biodiversity in supporting self-purification ability of a river is a focus of this research question.
The guidebook tries to explain:

• the functionality of aquatic ecosystems;
• the relationships between aquatic organisms and their habitats;
• the benefits provided by natural, healthy rivers;
• the inter-linkage with different economic fields;
• connections between natural and man-made water cycles;
• integration of man-made substances into the natural cycle of matter in nature.